• How to Build a pool table? Here Are the Tools and Tutorial

    In this article, we will discuss a bit on a DIY project to build a pool table, pool table is obviously used to play the fancy billiard, a popular club game.  There are many ways to build a pool table and even DIY of b with various kinds of material. In this article however we will build pool table based on a door. Yes a door.

    How to Build a pool table? Here Are the Tools and Tutorial


    Materials and tools

    In this simple project, we will build a pool table which is extremely simple yet entertaining, made out of an actual door. The following would be the list of required material and price.

    1.- 8  x  3 foot door which you can obtain for U$ 18

    2.-  Simple White Board  that usually priced $15 USD

    3.- Six [1x3x8] wooden rails for the pool table's rails you may find some at price of $18 USD

    4.- Three [1x6x8] rails support for $10 USD

    5.- Cheap engine brake and sling shot rubber to hold the rails, there might be no fixed price for this but the cheapest can run  you only around $ 20 USD

    6.- Fiber Glass anti mosquito net and black duck tape $15 USD for Both

    7.- Green felt for toppings  $15 USD

    8.- A can of glue spray  at $9 USD

    9.- Wood Glue + Screws  $15 USD fot both

    10.- Brown Gloss Spray Pain for the hand rails  $5 USD


    Step 1: Cut the Whiteboard and glue it to the door

    And now we will begin the manufacturing process of our simple pool table. We will begin by cutting the whiteboard. Why whiteboard is necessary ? It's because it will be the surface where the balls will move.  It's light so one can move it with relative ease. Another options is using slate but it will make the pool table very heavy.

    Cut the Whiteboard to fit the door then apply some carpenters glue and let it dry overnight. To improve the adherence between the board and your door. You may need to put some heavy stuff above it. Even better if you have a clamp, clamp it.


    Step 2 : Railings

    Time come now to make your railings, you can use 40 degrees on the corners of the board and 70 degrees on the side of the ball side pockets.  During cutting your rail, make sure you leave some room for the future hole ball. Otherwise you won't play any billiard out of that board.  This time center your rails.  Would be nice if you were in possession of cutting machinery like band saw or that electric saw. But hard way by manually cutting it would do, and perhaps you will enjoy it better in every step of the process.

    Step 3 : Ball holes

    The must have part for any pool tables, ball holes.  make your holes on the side pocket

    Use some sand paper to smooth your work.

    Step-4 : Rail Assembly

    Time to assemble the rails.  One catch here is to make sure that the height rail is about three quarter size of your pool ball. Otherwise you may see lots of inconvenience when somebody hit the ball with all of his might and it just jump out of the table never to be seen again.  Thus appropriate height is a must.

    For this task a house molding for the base of the bumper would be fine. although ideally something like old rubber tire or better rubber must be used.

    Glue and nail the molding, later nail down the corners of the brake hose and glue it. Let the glue to dry overnight. Another catch here is that the more you expand the rubber, the more you will lose bounciness ability. So when you build the bumper, just let it sit happy, or just extend it as short as possible.

    Step-5 : Putting the felt cloth

    Time to make use the felt cloth on the material list.  Using that spray can of glue, put and glue your felt to the table. Make sure that the glue is evenly spread and be careful not to dirty yourself.  You can of course try and improvise your way to this stage to make it easier.  try to have fun and imagine what kind of match you can have with your friend with this pool table.

    Sprayed glue are quick to dry so once you apply it, make sure that you keep moving forward to finish the job. Scraping the glue is not a fun exercise. in case of you procrastinate.

    Step- 6 : Bounciness checking

    On this step to build a pool table, you may want to check if the rubber railing can help bounce the ball.  Should the ball didn't bounce back, you could add additional rubber.

    Step-7 : Borders

    Time to make the border. For this, use the 6x1x8 feet of wood plank in, for the borders. Nail the down to the board and nail down the side pocket for the ball to it.

    How to Build a pool table? Here Are the Tools and Tutorial


    Step-8 : Finishing


    Ok now you pretty much have your board. Now it's time to wrap it up and call some friend for a practice match.

    Source: www.engage-today.com


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